After 40 plus years of  buying and selling home furnishings, antiques and eccentricities, decorating houses, flats, hotels and restaurants around the World, and running his own retail stores, in New York, London, Cape Town and at Loudham Hall, Suffolk, Keith  thought  it  was time to lead a quieter life.

Within  a few months, he also opened his Distinctive Interiors store, all with the Keith Skeel stamp and style. He began his career as a market trader and strongly believes that    originality,   quality,   style  and of course... value for money are the main criteria. Plus, the essential, touch of humour.

Moving to a lovely, sleepy part  of  east Anglia, he found he missed the excitement of the world he knew, (old habits die hard), so he decided to open a small shop in Beccles, Eccentricities, which took off immediately, through his well established contacts and suppliers around the world, enabling him to create his own gift collection.